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The Adani Conglomerate: Driving India's Path to Economic Superpower

India stands on the verge of a significant economic transformation, positioning itself as a vital alternative to China for global investors. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with influential industrialists like Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani, is steering the country towards becoming a 21st-century economic powerhouse. Central to this narrative is the Adani Group, a conglomerate that is playing a pivotal role in shaping India’s future.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas: The Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ journey is nothing short of extraordinary. From winning Miss World to conquering Bollywood and then making her mark in Hollywood, she personifies ambition and resilience. As an actor, singer, entrepreneur, and investor, Chopra has shattered barriers and paved the way for others to follow. Today, on her 41st birthday, we celebrate her entrepreneurial spirit by highlighting four of her most significant business ventures.

Debt and equity holders consent to IDFC and IDFC First Bank merging.

The plan to combine parent IDFC Ltd and the lender has been approved by IDFC First Bank's shareholders and holders of non-convertible debentures (NCDs). According to a regulatory filing from IDFC First Bank, the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) held a hearing on May 17 via video conference and other audio-visual methods to review and approve the bank's composite scheme of merger.

Article Source- Publisher: Buisness Insider

The Entrepreneurial Odyssey of Vineeta Singh, CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics

Vineeta Singh, co-founder and CEO of the renowned cosmetic brand SUGAR Cosmetics, rose to prominence as one of the female sharks on Shark Tank India. Throughout Season 1, she garnered recognition not only for her shrewd investments across diverse industries but also for her striking resemblance to the beloved character “Raju ki Maa” from the film 3 Idiots. This similarity sparked a flurry of memes, further enhancing her appeal. Viewers admired her poised presence and astute business acumen on the show.

Navigating the Bombay Shaving Cream Controversy in the Prachi Nigam Saga

Bombay Shaving Company (BSC) has carved a niche for itself in India’s grooming industry, with a marketing strategy that blends innovation, customer-centricity, and a touch of nostalgia. Founded by Shantanu Deshpande and his team, BSC has redefined men’s grooming by focusing on delivering a premium experience to its customers. One of the key elements of BSC’s marketing strategy is its emphasis on provenance marketing. By highlighting the origin and story behind its products, BSC has been able to create...

Enough Evidence Against Accused No. 1: Court accuses Brij Bhushan of the BJP

A Delhi court has ordered the filing of charges against the former head of the Wrestling Federation of India in relation to the allegations of sexual harassment made by female wrestlers, dealing a severe blow to Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh. The trial against him can now commence because the court has ruled that there is enough evidence on file to support this. Mr. Singh said he was "ready to face it" and "welcomed" the order.

Article Source- Publisher: NDTV

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Virat Kohli's WROGN and Animal Planet Collab Brings Conservation to the Catwalk

Virat Kohli’s cricketing journey began amidst the bustling streets of Delhi, India. Despite early signs of talent, his success was built on relentless training and unwavering dedication. Kohli faced early career pressures and personal setbacks, but his resilience laid the foundation for his remarkable journey. Kohli’s ascent in cricket was swift but hard-earned. His breakthrough came in the 2008 Under-19 World Cup

Earthly Brilliance: Unveiling Mamaearth's Marketing Magic

If you’re not acquainted with Mamaearth, you might be dwelling in the shadows. But let’s delve deeper beyond the surface buzz. Mamaearth’s ascent isn’t merely a stroke of luck; it’s a testament to strategic brilliance. Varun and Ghazal Alagh, Battling the perplexities of parenthood, stumbled upon a dire need: safe, non-toxic products for their newborn. Their quest unveiled a startling reality – the absence of such essentials in the Indian market. Driven by necessity.

India Is Under Severe Heatwave Warning, Per Weather Office

Heatwaves are expected in the interior regions of Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, according to the weather office. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) stated in its daily weather update that temperatures are between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius throughout the nation, with the exception of a few places in Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and a sizable portion of the northeast.

Article Source- Publisher: NDTV

Spotify's 'There's a Playlist for That' Campaign: Mastering Digital Marketing Through Data-Driven Personalization

Spotify India’s “There’s a Playlist for That” campaign exemplified a masterful execution of digital marketing strategies, particularly in leveraging data-driven personalization to connect with audiences on a profound level. By harnessing user data to curate hyper-personalized playlists tailored to various life moments and moods, Spotify showcased the immense potential of targeted content in driving engagement and brand loyalty.

Crafting Excellence Through PR: Building Brands, Building Trust

Public Relations (PR) and Marketing are intertwined disciplines essential for shaping brand perception and driving business success. PR focuses on cultivating relationships with stakeholders, managing reputation, and creating a favorable public image. Meanwhile, Marketing aims to promote products or services, attract customers, and generate revenue. One exemplary case of effective PR and Marketing synergy is Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign. Through strategic PR efforts, Nike associates its brand with top athletes

Ashima Goyal: Youth Unemployment in India Transient Amidst Growing Job Creation

In New Delhi, Ashima Goyal, a member of the RBI Monetary Policy Committee, addressed concerns about youth unemployment, stating that although it is currently high, it is temporary. She emphasized that Indian youth often invest time in acquiring skills and exploring entrepreneurship opportunities, which contributes to this transient nature of unemployment.

Article Source- Publisher: Business Insider 

India's Household Savings Plummet to 47-Year Low, Debt Levels Surge: RBI Data

India, traditionally known for its culture of saving, is witnessing a concerning trend in recent years. According to recent data from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the country's net household savings have hit a 47-year low. Household net savings, which encompass various assets like deposits, stocks, and bonuses minus debts and loans, have dwindled to just 5.3% of the gross domestic product (GDP) in the financial year 2023, a significant drop from 7.3% in 2022. Economists have described this decline as "dramatic."

Article Source- Publisher: BBC

Bengaluru Businesses Offer Incentives to Boost Voter Turnout in General Election

Bengaluru, a city in southern India's Karnataka state, is witnessing a surge of initiatives from various companies aimed at boosting voter turnout in the general election. Notorious for its low voter participation, Bengaluru-based hotels, taxi services, and other businesses are stepping up to incentivize people to vote. These incentives range from complimentary meals and discounted taxi rides to free health check-ups. Some eateries require customers to display their ink-stained fingers as proof of voting.

Article Source- Publisher: BBC

Nestle Reports Sales Dip After Price Hikes, Misses Q1 Estimates

Nestle, the world's largest packaged food company, experienced a decline in sales following a decision to raise prices. The company, known for brands like KitKat and Nescafe, fell short of first-quarter sales expectations, particularly struggling in North America. Total reported sales internationally dropped by 5.9% to 22.1 billion Swiss Francs (£19.4 billion) in the first quarter of 2024 compared to the same period the previous year. Globally, prices rose by 3.4%, with a slightly higher increase of 4.6% in Europe.

Article Source- Publisher: News Sky

Rising Temperatures Spark Concerns Over India's Preparedness for Heatwave Fallout

As temperatures soar above 45 degrees Celsius across India this week, concerns rise over the government's readiness to handle another deadly heatwave, especially after last year's tragedies. The extreme weather conditions, typical of South Asia's pre-monsoon hot season, are pushing human endurance to its limits and posing a significant risk of mass casualties as global warming intensifies. Unfortunately, efforts to assess the situation have become mired in contentious debates.

Article Source- Publisher: ChannelNewsAsia

Texas Law Grants Tesla Gigafactory Exemption from Local Environmental Regulations

Due to a recent state law, Tesla's sprawling gigafactory in Austin, Texas, situated on a 2,500-acre property, including its immense 10-million-square-foot electric vehicle manufacturing facility, is now exempt from adhering to local environmental regulations. While the factory is located in unincorporated land on the outskirts of Austin, much of the area previously fell under Austin's "extraterritorial jurisdiction" (ETJ), granting the city authority to oversee developments beyond its official boundaries.

Article Source- Publisher: Businessinsider

Uganda Appoints Abhay Sharma as Head Coach for T20 World Cup Debut

Abhay Sharma, a 54-year-old Indian cricket coach, has been appointed as the new head coach of Uganda's men's national cricket team by the Uganda Cricket Association. He has inked a three-year contract and will guide the team, known as the Cricket Cranes, in the upcoming T20 World Cup, which will be held in the United States and the West Indies. Expressing his gratitude for the opportunity, Sharma stated, "I am very grateful for this opportunity to work with a bunch of talented cricketers." He also expressed his fondness for Uganda

Article Source- Publisher: BBC

Honda Secures Billions in Investment for Ontario Electric Vehicle Venture

Honda, with financial backing from the Canadian and Ontario governments, will establish electric vehicle manufacturing operations in Ontario, including the production of batteries and assembly of electric vehicles. The deal, expected to be announced later this week, represents a significant investment worth billions of dollars. Canada aims to strengthen its manufacturing sector in Ontario by attracting companies involved in various aspects of the electric vehicle supply chain, aligning with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Article Source- Publisher: ChannelNewsAsia

Apple CEO Optimistic on India's Potential Amid Growing Middle Class

Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed optimism about India's potential, noting the emergence of a growing middle class as a significant factor. This sentiment aligns with Apple's recent efforts to expand its presence in India, driven not only by the country's large population but also by the increasing willingness of its middle class to invest in premium smartphones. In addition to focusing on sales, Apple has ramped up its manufacturing activities in India through partnerships with companies like Foxconn. Currently, approximately 14% of iPhones are produced in India, a figure expected to rise.

Article Source- Publisher: CNBC

Massive Prehistoric Snake Discovered in India: Longer Than T-Rex

In India, researchers have uncovered an enormous serpent species dating back approximately 47 million years. This colossal creature, described in a recent study published in Scientific Reports by paleontologists Debajit Datta and Sunil Bajpai, measured between 36 to 50 feet in length, surpassing the size of a Tyrannosaurus rex. Belonging to the madtsoiidae clade, an extinct group of land-dwelling snakes, this discovery sheds light on a family that thrived during an era with average temperatures around 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Article Source- Publisher: Forbes

Smile Deke Dekho: A Triumph of PR & Digital Marketing

The Lay’s #SmileDekeDekho campaign showcased the power of influencer marketing and public relations in December 2019, engaging millions worldwide. By partnering with Operation Smiles NGO, Lay’s demonstrated a humanitarian approach to marketing, emphasizing the connection between smiles and their products. Utilizing both micro and mega influencers, including Bollywood stars Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, the campaign garnered immense traction across social media platforms.

Microsoft Announces AI Hub Launch in London

Microsoft is planning to establish an artificial intelligence hub in London, seeking talented individuals to join its team. This hub, located at the company's Paddington offices, will focus on developing AI-driven products and conducting research in the field. Led by Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind, the new Microsoft AI team aims to push the boundaries of language models and enhance infrastructure support while crafting top-tier tools for foundational models.

Article Source- Publisher: Sky News

Asia's Tech Power Shift: India Challenges China's Dominance

In recent years, China has held the mantle as Asia's technology leader, boasting powerhouse companies like Tencent and Alibaba, dominating electronics production, and making significant strides in electric vehicles. However, a shift is underway as other Asian countries vie for China's position. India emerges as a prominent contender, actively enticing foreign tech companies and witnessing successes such as Apple expanding its footprint in the country.

Article Source- Publisher: CNBC

India Industry Secretary: Ball in Tesla's Court for EV Investment Plans

India's industry secretary has indicated that the responsibility now lies with Tesla Inc. to disclose its investment intentions for the South Asian country, following the government's decision to reduce import duties on electric vehicles. Last month, the industry department unveiled a detailed policy aimed at enhancing EV manufacturing in India. Singh stated in an interview with Bloomberg that it is now up to Elon Musk's company to reveal its manufacturing strategies.

Article Source- Publisher: Bloomberg

Hardik Pandya Faces Fan Backlash as Mumbai Indians Captain in IPL 2024

During the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL), Hardik Pandya, who now leads the Mumbai Indians team, has encountered disapproving reactions from spectators in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and even at his home ground in Mumbai. Previously with the Gujarat Titans, Pandya was traded to Mumbai Indians for the 2024 IPL season, taking over from Rohit Sharma, who leads the Indian cricket team across all formats. Pandya, a 30-year-old all-rounder known for his seam bowling

Article Source- Publisher: BBC

Amazon Streamlines Workforce as Focus Shifts to Key Strategic Areas

Amazon's cloud computing division is set to reduce its workforce by several hundred employees across sales, marketing, and its team dedicated to physical store technology, the company announced on Wednesday. This announcement follows closely on the heels of Amazon's decision to discontinue its self-checkout system, Just Walk Out, in its US supermarkets. The responsibility for managing the cashierless tills fell under the purview of a segment within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) unit.

Article Source- Publisher: Euro News

MS Dhoni Steps Down as CSK Captain for IPL 2024; Ruturaj Gaikwad Takes Charge

Legendary cricketer MS Dhoni has made the decision to step down as captain of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) franchise for the second time in Indian Premier League (IPL) history. Dhoni announced his decision on the eve of Chennai's IPL 2024 opener against Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB). Indian opener Ruturaj Gaikwad has been named as the new captain of the Yellow Brigade for the 2024 season.

Article Source- Publisher: Hindustan Times

State Bank of India Submits Electoral Bond Details to Election Commission

The Election Commission of India has published the electoral bond data on its website, featuring the most recent information provided by the State Bank of India. The commission stated that it uploaded the electoral bond details as received from SBI, adhering to an "as is where is basis." In accordance with the directives of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, SBI submitted the electoral bond data to the ECI on March 21, 2024

Article Source- Publisher: Hindustan Times

Glamour Galore: Rakul Preet Singh Continues to Turn Heads with Stylish Ensembles

Recently-married Rakul Preet Singh consistently dazzles with her impeccable fashion sense, effortlessly hitting style bullseyes. Whether she opts for a chic jumpsuit or an elegant saree, the stunning actress effortlessly nails every look. Just a day ago, she mesmerized her fans with a striking appearance in a coordinated black outfit, and now, she's left them spellbound in a white mini dress.

Article Source- Publisher: Hindustan Times

PM Modi Wishes Sadhguru Speedy Recovery After Brain Surgery

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his well wishes to spiritual guru Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, who recently underwent emergency brain surgery on March 17. PM Modi reached out to Sadhguru through a post on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), wishing him a speedy recovery and good health. In response, the 66-year-old spiritual leader expressed gratitude for the Prime Minister's concern, stating that he should not be a concern to PM Modi as the latter has the responsibility of leading the nation.

Article Source- Publisher: Hindustan Times

Emotional Moment at Chinnaswamy Stadium: RCB's Smriti Mandhana-led Team Welcomed with Cheers and Claps

The RCB unbox event commenced at the Chinnaswamy Stadium with great excitement and celebration on Tuesday. Among the various star-studded activities planned for the event, one particular gesture from the RCB men's team towards their female counterparts stood out. In the presence of Virat Kohli, the RCB men's team formed a guard of honor to welcome the RCB's WPL title-winning team, which is led by Smriti Mandhana, onto the field.

Article Source- Publisher: Hindustan Times

From Childhood Scribbles to Artful Verses: Kalki Koechlin Shares Her Journey with Poetry

Kalki Koechlin reflects on her journey with poetry, expressing that it has become an integral part of her life, although she can't pinpoint exactly when she started writing. According to the actor, writing poetry helps her connect with her emotions and deal with them. On World Poetry Day, she shares insights into her experience of using words to convey her feelings. "I can't recall the exact beginning of my poetry journey. It began at a young age, and I only know about it because my mom kept my early works.

Article Source- Publisher: Hindustan Times

Rahane's Humility Shines Through as Mumbai Secures Ranji Trophy Title

Even though Ajinkya Rahane wasn't performing well at the bat himself, he was thrilled to lead Mumbai to their 42nd Ranji Trophy championship win at the Wankhede Stadium on Thursday. Mumbai defeated Vidarbha by a convincing margin of 169 runs to lift the coveted trophy. While his other contributions were important, it was his key 73-run knock in the second innings of the final that truly mattered.

Article Source- Publisher: Times of India

Fuel Price Slash: Government's Pre-Election Gift to Voters

Before the announcement of the Lok Sabha election schedule, the government reduced petrol and diesel prices by Rs 2 per litre. Speculation arose due to recent cuts in LPG and CNG prices, hinting at a possible reduction in fuel prices ahead of the elections. Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for prioritizing the welfare of millions of Indians by implementing the price reduction.

Article Source- Publisher: Indian Express

Taxing Times: India Halts Silver Imports as Traders Find UAE Workaround

Indian banks are no longer importing silver because private businesses have been buying a lot of it from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to avoid paying a higher tax in India. This loophole exists due to a trade agreement between India and UAE. India, the world's biggest buyer of silver, recently put a 15% tax on silver imports. But, a trade deal they made with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) last year allows some importers to get around this.

Article Source- Publisher: Times of India

Ravindra Jadeja: CSK's Ace All-Rounder Shines Bright on IPL Stage

Ravindra Jadeja has played a pivotal role for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) ever since joining the team in 2012. He stands as the franchise's second-most successful wicket-taker, claiming 134 dismissals with an economy rate of 7.68. Additionally, he ranks as their eighth-highest run-scorer, amassing 1,786 runs at a strike rate of 136.75. Jadeja's contributions have been instrumental in CSK's performances over the years.

Article Source- Publisher: MSN

India Takes Stand Against 'Ferocious' Dog Breeds: Bans Import and Sale to Ensure Public Safety

The Indian government has initiated a move to prohibit the import, breeding, and sale of several dog breeds classified as "ferocious," including pitbulls, rottweilers, terriers, wolf dogs, and mastiffs, citing concerns over their potential threat to human safety. The ban will also encompass mixed and cross-bred canines, with existing pets of these breeds required to undergo sterilization.

Article Source- Publisher: Hindustan Times

NDA's Plot Unveiled: Chirag Paswan's Alliance Signals Early Moves in Bihar Politics

The allocation of seats within the RJD-Congress-led grand alliance (GA) opposition in Bihar remains undisclosed as the coalition of five parties engages in discussions regarding seat distribution. The focus lies on strategic seat adjustments based on potential candidates' winning capabilities, aimed at forming a robust front against the ruling NDA, as per sources within the GA leadership.

Article Source- Publisher: Hindustan Times

Rishabh Pant Cleared for IPL 2024 Return After Injury Setback

Rishabh Pant is poised to return to professional cricket as a wicketkeeper-batsman after being declared fully fit by the BCCI for the Indian Premier League 2024. Following a devastating car accident in December 2022 that caused him to miss significant cricketing events, the Indian cricketer is set to make his highly anticipated comeback for the Delhi Capitals.

Article Source- Publisher: Hindustan Times

Government Cracks Down: Jammu Kashmir National Front Banned Under UAPA

On Tuesday, the Centre invoked the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) to ban the Jammu Kashmir National Front (JKNF) for a duration of five years. Union Home Minister Amit Shah announced the government's decision on social media platform X, stating that the Modi administration had designated the Jammu and Kashmir National Front as an Unlawful Association.

Article Source- Publisher: Hindustan Times

Diabetes and Ramadan: Crafting Healthy Suhoor Menus with Expert Advice

During Ramadan, individuals with diabetes must select Sehri or Suhoor options that provide lasting energy and assist in controlling blood sugar levels throughout the fasting period. Being attentive to portion sizes and considering the glycemic index of foods can assist in effectively managing blood sugar levels during Ramadan.

Article Source- Publisher: Hindustan Times

CAA Takes Effect: Non-Muslim Migrants Eligible for Indian Citizenship

The government has issued a notification for the implementation of the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) on Monday evening. The CAA, which introduces religion as a criterion for Indian citizenship for the first time, was passed by Parliament in December 2019 amidst widespread protests that resulted in over 100 casualties and staunch opposition from politicians and states governed by opposition parties.

Article Source- Publisher: NDTV

Banking Sector Shift: Agreement Reached for Potential Five-Day Work Week

The Indian Banks Association (IBA) has come to terms with the All India Bank Officers' Confederation, potentially paving the way for bank employees to have a five-day work week. Pending government approval, banks might observe closures on Saturdays and Sundays, replacing the current system where banks operate on the first and third Saturdays, and remain closed on the second and fourth Saturdays.

Article Source- Publisher: India Today

From Memories to Milestones: Babil Khan's Journey in Bollywood Unveiled

Babil Khan, recognized for his candid nature, recently reminisced about his childhood experiences. The actor, applauded for his remarkable performance in the Netflix series "The Railway Men," shared heartfelt anecdotes in a conversation with MensXP. During the discussion, he also pondered upon memories of his late father, Irrfan Khan. Babil, who marked his Bollywood debut with the film "Qala" alongside Tripti Dimri

Article Source- Publisher: Hindustan Times

Tragic Mahashivratri Procession: 14 Children Electrocuted in Kota, Rajasthan

Fourteen children experienced electric shock during a Mahashivratri procession in Kota, Rajasthan, according to police reports today. State Health Minister Heeralal Nagar stated that two of the children are in critical condition and have been hospitalized. Visuals from the hospital, as provided by news agency ANI, depict the children being swiftly taken into emergency rooms for treatment.

Article Source- Publisher: NDTV

Sudha Murty Nominated to Rajya Sabha: A Triumph for Women's Power

Philanthropist and author Sudha Murty was appointed to the Rajya Sabha on Friday, as announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on social media platform X. He highlighted her nomination as a significant representation of "Nari Shakti" (women's power), emphasizing the role of women in shaping the nation's future. Prime Minister Modi extended his best wishes for her tenure

Article Source- Publisher: LiveMint

RBI Cracks Down on Fintechs: Tightens Credit Card Oversight

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has instructed credit card providers to establish a mechanism to verify the purpose of funds to monitor fintech companies that may try to exceed regulatory limits. Unlike banks, which directly pay merchants, aggregators expand the process by using cards to collect payments and facilitate transactions for entities that may not usually accept card payments.

Article Source- Publisher: Times of India

Celebrate Maha Shivratri: Discover the Sacred Offerings to Lord Shiva

Maha Shivratri, a significant Hindu festival venerating Lord Shiva, is set to be observed on March 8 this year. During this occasion, adherents fast, offer prayers, visit Shiva temples, and engage in ritual bathing of the Shiva Linga. Here are eight sacred offerings commonly presented to Lord Shiva, each carrying its own symbolism

Article Source- Publisher: Hindustan Times

Rahul Gandhi's Vision for India: Jobs, Security, and Opportunities for All

Rahul Gandhi, while addressing a rally in Rajasthan's Banswara during his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra, made several pledges if his party assumes power in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Among these promises are plans to address youth concerns by ensuring the filling of 3 million government job vacancies, offering Rs.1 lakh yearly apprenticeships to post-graduation youths

Article Source- Publisher: India Today

Historic Moment: Devdutt Padikkal Becomes 313th Indian Cricketer on Debut

With the series already decided, the Indian cricket team wants to finish the five-match series against England with a bang before playing the fifth and final Test at HPCA Stadium in Dharamasala on March 7. Ben Stokes, the captain of England, chose to bat first against India after winning the toss. Devdutt Padikkal made history by being the 313th player to represent India in his debut

Article Source- Publisher: Business Standard

From Kolkata to Kochi: PM Modi Supercharges Metro Connectivity

On March 6, 2024, the government of Narendra Modi unveiled a series of metro projects across India, including Kolkata's groundbreaking underwater metro line. Among the projects inaugurated was the ₹4,965-crore Howrah Maidan-Esplanade section of Kolkata Metro's from eastern to western Corridor, which includes the country's first transportation tunnel beneath a major river. This section also includes India's deepest metro station, the Howrah Metro Station.

Article Source- Publisher: The Hindu

Final Showdown: India Eyes WTC Points in Decisive Test Against England

India and England are preparing for the final Test of the five-match series, which will begin on Thursday, March 7 at the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) Stadium in Dharamsala. With a commanding 3-1 series lead, Rohit Sharma's team enters the match in good spirits. Despite their series win, the hosts are focused on accumulating valuable World Test Championship (WTC) points.

Article Source- Publisher: India Today

End of an Era: Microsoft Pulls the Plug on Android Apps for Windows 11

Microsoft has announced the end of Android app and game support on its Windows 11 platform, effective March 5. This means that users will no longer be able to access Android applications or games, including those downloaded from the Amazon Appstore. The decision follows Microsoft's discontinuation of the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA), a service that enabled Windows 11 compatibility with Android apps from the Amazon Appstore.

Article Source- Publisher: Indian Today

Jamnagar's Spectacular Spectacle: Anant Ambani's Pre-Wedding Bash Stuns Global A-Listers

High-profile figures from Washington, D.C., Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and the music industry descended on the tranquil town of Jamnagar in Gujarat for the lavish pre-wedding celebrations of Anant Ambani, the youngest son of Mukesh Ambani, Asia's richest person. The extravagant event, held on the Ambani estate spanning 750 acres, drew international attention for its opulence and grandeur

Article Source- Publisher: India Today

WhatsApp Breaks Barriers: Chat with Signal, Telegram Coming Soon

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is developing a feature that will allow users to send messages to third-party apps such as Signal and Telegram. This initiative responds to Europe's Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations, which require large companies or 'gatekeepers' to enable communication between different messaging platforms within six months. The feature was found in WhatsApp beta version

Article Source- Publisher: India Today

From Protein to Power: Expert Dietitian Dives into Benefits of Protein Bars

Jinal Patel, a dietitian at Zynova Shalby Hospital in Mumbai, emphasizes the importance of understanding the effects of protein on our bodies when consuming protein bars. Patel identifies several important functions of protein: Protein is essential for the proper structure, function, and regulation of bodily tissues and organs. Protein promotes the movement of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium into and out of cells

Article Source- Publisher: Business Today

Jamnagar's Spectacular Spectacle: Anant Ambani's Pre-Wedding Bash Stuns Global A-Listers

High-profile figures from Washington, D.C., Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and the music industry descended on the tranquil town of Jamnagar in Gujarat for the lavish pre-wedding celebrations of Anant Ambani, the youngest son of Mukesh Ambani, Asia's richest person. The extravagant event, held on the Ambani estate spanning 750 acres, drew international attention for its opulence and grandeur

Article Source- Publisher: India Today

WhatsApp Breaks Barriers: Chat with Signal, Telegram Coming Soon

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is developing a feature that will allow users to send messages to third-party apps such as Signal and Telegram. This initiative responds to Europe's Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations, which require large companies or 'gatekeepers' to enable communication between different messaging platforms within six months. The feature was found in WhatsApp beta version

Article Source- Publisher: India Today

From Protein to Power: Expert Dietitian Dives into Benefits of Protein Bars

Jinal Patel, a dietitian at Zynova Shalby Hospital in Mumbai, emphasizes the importance of understanding the effects of protein on our bodies when consuming protein bars. Patel identifies several important functions of protein: Protein is essential for the proper structure, function, and regulation of bodily tissues and organs. Protein promotes the movement of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium into and out of cells

Article Source- Publisher: Business Today

Behind the Scenes: Vikrant Massey's Journey to Becoming Manoj Kumar

Vikrant Massey, riding high on the success of Vidhu Vinod Chopra's film "12th Fail," which has won numerous awards, shared details about his difficult but rewarding preparation for the role of Manoj Kumar. Massey, who plays a 19-year-old UPSC aspirant, revealed in a recent interview with GQ India that the role required significant physical transformation, including weight loss and a darker skin tone.

Article Source- Publisher: Indian Express

AI Rules Relaxed for Startups: IT Ministry Clarifies Guidelines

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for Electronics and IT, has clarified that the IT Ministry's recent advisory on generative artificial intelligence (AI) companies only applies to large technology corporations. Chandrasekhar emphasized that startups are exempt from the requirement to obtain government approval before deploying "untested" AI systems. The advisory aims to regulate large platforms but does not apply to smaller businesses.

Article Source- Publisher: Indian Express

Legal Battle: Supreme Court Cracks Down on AAP Headquarters

Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has been ordered to vacate its headquarters in New Delhi, which is located on land reserved for the High Court. The Supreme Court, emphasizing the encroachment issue, has given AAP until June 15 to comply, taking into account the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The court cited the encroachment as AAP's lack of legal right to occupy the land, which was originally designated for the expansion of the Delhi High Court

Article Source- Publisher: NDTV

Redefining Digital Marketing with Passionate Enthusiasts

Established in 2022 by marketing enthusiasts based in Delhi, WiloFrames stands as an inventive online marketing platform specializing in digital marketing, PR management, and influencer sponsorship. Providing an extensive array of services tailored to enhance brand image, amplify customer engagement, and address specific digital marketing needs, WiloFrames distinguishes itself by actively disseminating compelling facts, stories, and authentic insights about celebrities and trending personalities. The agency’s vibrant online presence is further enriched by the curation of online competitions.

WiloFrames' Impactful Journey Since 2022

Founded in 2022 by marketing enthusiasts from Delhi, WiloFrames is an innovative online marketing platform specializing in digital marketing, PR management, and influencer sponsorship. The agency offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance brand image, boost customer engagement, and meet specific digital marketing needs. WiloFrames sets itself apart by actively sharing captivating facts, stories, and authentic insights about celebrities and trending personalities. Alongside this, the agency organizes online competitions, contributing to a dynamic and engaging online presence.

WiloFrames, Where Creativity and Strategy Converge

Launched in 2022 by a group of passionate marketing mavens hailing from the vibrant streets of Delhi, WiloFrames is not your run-of-the-mill online marketing platform—it’s a digital playground where creativity meets strategy. Specializing in the art of digital marketing, PR wizardry, and making influencers the talk of the town, WiloFrames is your one-stop-shop for turning brands into digital rockstars. Picture this: a melting pot of services that don’t just enhance brand image but give it a full-blown makeover , elevate customer engagement to a whole new level

Crafting a Digital Adventure in the World of Marketing

Step into the world of WiloFrames, a creative force born in 2022 from the vibrant energy of Delhi’s marketing enthusiasts. More than just an online marketing platform, WiloFrames is the beating heart of digital innovation, specializing in the art of digital marketing, PR wizardry, and making influencers the talk of the town. Imagine a digital playground that doesn’t just enhance brand image but gives it a full-blown makeover, elevates customer engagement to new heights

Narendra Modi To Host The G20 Summit In Virtual Mode Today, Which Is Going To be Attend By Russia Putin

Today is the day of the Virtual G20 Summit. It is especially held by India. The host of the Virtual G20 Summit is Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. It has been claimed by the sources, that this is the first time that Summit is happening in the virtual mode in 2023. This is a completely exciting news. It has been reported that many famous leaders from several countries are all set to join the virtual G20 Summit.

Article Source- Publisher: MINT

McDonald’s is investing in China to tap ‘massive opportunity’

McDonald's has reached a deal to increase the company's stake in its China business to less than 50%. The company also expressed its belief that it will grow in the second-largest economy on earth. The change is starkly different from the current trend of multinational corporations reversing investment in China or even leaving the market entirely due to economic and geopolitical problems. The deal to purchase the investment firm Carlyle's 28% stake in McDonald's China operation,

Crafting a Digital Adventure in the World of Marketing

Step into the world of WiloFrames, a creative force born in 2022 from the vibrant energy of Delhi’s marketing enthusiasts. More than just an online marketing platform, WiloFrames is the beating heart of digital innovation, specializing in the art of digital marketing, PR wizardry, and making influencers the talk of the town. Imagine a digital playground that doesn’t just enhance brand image but gives it a full-blown makeover, elevates customer engagement to new heights

Narendra Modi To Host The G20 Summit In Virtual Mode Today, Which Is Going To be Attend By Russia Putin

Today is the day of the Virtual G20 Summit. It is especially held by India. The host of the Virtual G20 Summit is Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. It has been claimed by the sources, that this is the first time that Summit is happening in the virtual mode in 2023. This is a completely exciting news. It has been reported that many famous leaders from several countries are all set to join the virtual G20 Summit.

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McDonald’s is investing in China to tap ‘massive opportunity’

McDonald's has reached a deal to increase the company's stake in its China business to less than 50%. The company also expressed its belief that it will grow in the second-largest economy on earth. The change is starkly different from the current trend of multinational corporations reversing investment in China or even leaving the market entirely due to economic and geopolitical problems. The deal to purchase the investment firm Carlyle's 28% stake in McDonald's China operation,

Houthis Rebel: A proxy to Iran?

'Galaxy Leader', a cargo ship was hijacked by the Houthis at Red Sea. The ship was sailing from Turkey to India. The rebel group celebrated this incident as a successful military operation against Israel. The ship was owned by Abraham Rami Ungar an Israeli businessman. However, the IDF has confirmed that no Israeli national was found on the ship. The recent development indicates the Israel-Hamas war taking a multidirectional turn. Houthis fired ballistic missiles and drones in Israel to extend their support to Hamas.

Article Source- Publisher: Firstpost

Unacademy Company Now Seeking Offline, Online CFOs For The Growth

The biggest company in the world of the education sector in India, Unacademy is in talks with the fiance head of Cred, Pratik Dalal, to join as the CFO of its offline business. Unacademy is currently looking to have two CFOs one for their online business and one for their offline business. Last month, Subramanian Ramachandran officially left Unacademy from his position as CFO. So ow the company has come to a decision and now looking for a total of two CFOs.

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Strong Earthquake Shakes Philippines: Davao City Is Rocked by a Collapsed Crane!

Sarangani in the Davao Occidental province was the point of impact of a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8, which sent shockwaves across Davao City and neighbouring towns. Numerous incidents occurred around the region as a result of the earthquake activity. A crane in Barangay Gravahan, a half built structure, collapsed after the earthquake, causing a dramatic scene in New Matina, Davao City.

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

Houthis Rebel: A proxy to Iran?

'Galaxy Leader', a cargo ship was hijacked by the Houthis at Red Sea. The ship was sailing from Turkey to India. The rebel group celebrated this incident as a successful military operation against Israel. The ship was owned by Abraham Rami Ungar an Israeli businessman. However, the IDF has confirmed that no Israeli national was found on the ship. The recent development indicates the Israel-Hamas war taking a multidirectional turn. Houthis fired ballistic missiles and drones in Israel to extend their support to Hamas.

Article Source- Publisher: Firstpost

Unacademy Company Now Seeking Offline, Online CFOs For The Growth

The biggest company in the world of the education sector in India, Unacademy is in talks with the fiance head of Cred, Pratik Dalal, to join as the CFO of its offline business. Unacademy is currently looking to have two CFOs one for their online business and one for their offline business. Last month, Subramanian Ramachandran officially left Unacademy from his position as CFO. So ow the company has come to a decision and now looking for a total of two CFOs.

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Strong Earthquake Shakes Philippines: Davao City Is Rocked by a Collapsed Crane!

Sarangani in the Davao Occidental province was the point of impact of a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8, which sent shockwaves across Davao City and neighbouring towns. Numerous incidents occurred around the region as a result of the earthquake activity. A crane in Barangay Gravahan, a half built structure, collapsed after the earthquake, causing a dramatic scene in New Matina, Davao City.

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

Operation 1027: Myanmar’s Junta under attack

It is evident that Myanmar's junta is under attack. Over 300 regime soldiers and militia allies surrendered. Along with it a massive amount of ammunitions and tanks were siezed. The rebels' challenge to the military coup has been named as Operation 1027. The Myanmar National Democratic Alliance, the Taa’ng National Liberation Army, and the Arakan Army make up the Brotherhood Alliance.

Article Source- Publisher: WION

Sam Altman and Greg Brockman To Join Microsoft After They Got Fired From OpenAI

Some days ago, we all got to know about very shocking news regarding Sam Altman and Greg Brockman. They both were part of the famous AI business OpenAI. Altman was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OpenAI. But the board immediately fired him from his position and the board also fired Brockman who was also another important employee of the company.

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DeSantis is Receiving Backlash for Not Speaking Out About Musk's Anti-Semitic Post

The Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is drawing criticism for remaining silent when Elon Musk posted an inappropriate conspiracy theory on social networking site X. As a result, big businesses like Disney and IBM have stopped running advertisements on the network. DeSantis acknowledged receiving Musk's message but backed him anyway

Article Source- Publisher: The Times of India

Controversy Surrounds Pitch Manipulation in ICC Tournament: India's Home Ground Advantage Raises Eyebrows

India's strategic use of home ground advantage is under scrutiny as reports reveal changes to the Wankhede Stadium pitch during the ICC tournament. The Indian team, following a win over the Netherlands, allegedly requested the removal of most grass on the surface for a slower pitch. Mumbai Cricket Association officials confirmed the message to prepare a slow track

Article Source- Publisher: Fox Sports

Diplomatic Tensions: India Open to Probe on Sikh Leader's Killing Amid Canada's Allegations

Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar has indicated that India is open to investigating the killing of a Sikh separatist leader in Vancouver earlier this year, a case that triggered a diplomatic dispute with Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau publicly alleged in September that India was involved in the activist's assassination, prompting India to dismiss the claim as "absurd."

Article Source- Publisher: RT News

Pioneering Leadership: Janet Truncale to Make History as EY's First Female Chair and CEO in the Big Four

In a groundbreaking move, Janet Truncale is poised to become the first woman to lead a Big Four firm, taking on the role of chair and CEO at EY next year after a remarkable 33-year journey within the organization. Her ascent, marked by persistence and dedication, reflects the challenges faced by women in corporate settings, where they hold only 19% of positions.

Article Source- Publisher: CNBC TV18

Tragic Bus Plunge in India's Jammu District: 36 Dead, 19 Injured as Vehicle Veers into Gorge

A tragic incident unfolded in India's Jammu district as a bus carrying over 50 passengers plunged into a gorge in Doda district, resulting in at least 36 fatalities and 19 injuries. The cause of the accident remains unknown, and rescue operations are underway to aid survivors. Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed condolences and pledged financial compensation for the families affected by this devastating event.

Article Source- Publisher: BBC

Controversy Surrounds Release of Modi's Farmer Welfare Funds Ahead of Key Elections

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's administration has disbursed the 15th tranche of funds for a welfare scheme supporting 80 million farmers, just ahead of crucial assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh states. Modi announced the release of 180 billion rupees ($2.1 billion) during celebrations in Jharkhand state, digitally transferring the money to farmers' accounts.

Article Source- Publisher: RT News

Asian Economies Urged to Accelerate Renewable Energy Transition for 1.5°C Climate Goal

A report by the German thinktank Agora Energiewende highlights that nine major Asian economies must substantially increase their share of electricity from renewable sources, currently at 6%, to at least 50% by 2030 to meet the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The study focuses on countries such as Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia, emphasizing the need for a shift away from heavy reliance on fossil fuels.

Article Source- Publisher: Japan Today

Legacy and Legal Battles: Sahara Chief Subrata Roy Passes Away Amidst Corporate Controversies

Subrata Roy, the embattled chief of the Sahara conglomerate, passed away on Tuesday due to cardiorespiratory arrest, as confirmed by the company. Roy's demise followed complications related to metastatic malignancy, hypertension, and diabetes during his hospitalization in Mumbai since Sunday

Article Source- Publisher: Reuters

Russia and India Ink Deal for Igla-S Missile Systems Manufacturing and Defense Collaboration

Russia's Rosoboronexport has announced the signing of a contract for the supply and licensed manufacturing of Igla-S portable anti-aircraft missile systems (MANPADS) in India. The Igla-S, aimed at downing enemy aircraft and small-sized air targets, was adopted by the Indian Army last year through emergency procurement

Article Source- Publisher: RT News

AI-Powered Camera Protects Tigers and Villages, Mitigating Human-Wildlife Conflict in Central India

In central India's Kahna-Pench forest corridor, a cutting-edge AI camera is deployed to safeguard both tigers and villages. This innovative camera is designed to identify potential threats, particularly predators like tigers, and promptly sends alerts to local authorities. This proactive system enables timely warnings to villagers

Article Source- Publisher: CNN

Diwali Delight: Record-Breaking Lamps Illuminate Ayodhya Amid Air Quality Concerns

Millions of Indians celebrated Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, setting a Guinness World Record by lighting over 2.22 million earthen lamps at the Saryu River in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. The vibrant spectacle symbolized the triumph of light over darkness, with devotees joined by 24,000 volunteers. Concerns about air pollution loomed over the festivities, as India faces hazardous air quality levels.

Article Source- Publisher: NPR News

Pondman of India: Ramveer Tanwar's Inspiring Journey in Ponds Restoration and Sustainability

SCENES, a series spotlighting global youth breaking barriers and driving change, features the remarkable story of Ramveer Tanwar, known as the Pondman of India, hailing from Uttar Pradesh. His superhero-like mission revolves around the nationwide restoration and rehabilitation of polluted ponds. With approximately 80 ponds restored across six states,

Article Source- Publisher: EURO News

India-UK Relations: Reframing, Diwali Diplomacy, and Free Trade Agreement Negotiations

Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, on a five-day visit to the UK, announced the active process of "reframing" bilateral relations for contemporary times. During his visit, Jaishankar extended Diwali wishes to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, emphasizing the ongoing efforts to reshape the India-UK relationship. The visit coincided with Sunak's cabinet reshuffle, appointing James Cleverly

Article Source- Publisher: RT News

Dazzling Diwali Celebrations Illuminate New Delhi with Hopes for Global Harmony

On Sunday, people across India joyously celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights, which symbolizes the onset of the Hindu New Year and typically falls in October or November. In the bustling capital of New Delhi, vibrant illuminations adorned shopping streets and homes, casting a magical ambiance. As the sun set, numerous individuals flocked to temples citywide

Article Source- Publisher: NHK world 

Goldman Sachs Upgrades Indian Shares to 'Overweight' on Strong Growth Prospects and Supply Chain Shifts

Goldman Sachs has upgraded Indian shares from "marketweight" to "overweight," citing robust economic growth prospects, consistent domestic mutual fund inflows, and the potential for a supply chain shift from China. According to Timothy Moe, lead analyst at Goldman Sachs, India boasts the best structural growth prospects in the Asia Pacific region

Article Source- Publisher: Reuters

Post-Diwali Pollution: New Delhi Tops List of World's Most Polluted Cities Again

Following Diwali celebrations, New Delhi, the capital of India, once again claimed the top spot among the world's most polluted cities on Monday morning, with an alarming air quality index (AQI) of 420, categorized as "hazardous" by IQAir. Joining the list of severely affected cities were Kolkata, ranking fourth with an AQI of 196, and Mumbai, securing the eighth position

Article Source- Publisher: TVP World

India-U.S. Strategic Talks: Strengthening Defense Cooperation Amid Global Challenges

Top officials from India and the United States engaged in the annual "2+2 Dialogue," emphasizing the need to enhance their strategic friendship amid pressing global challenges. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin met with their Indian counterparts, Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, focusing on bolstering defense cooperation

Article Source- Publisher: Reuters

Toxic Foam and Smog Crisis Grip New Delhi as Yamuna River Faces Pollution Peril

Toxic foam has resurfaced on the Yamuna River, a tributary of the Ganges near New Delhi, as the city grapples with hazardous smog. The froth, a combination of sewage and industrial waste, poses health risks due to high levels of ammonia and phosphates. New Delhi, home to over 20 million people, faces severe pollution, leading to school closures and health issues. Similar foam appeared in a canal

Article Source- Publisher: CNN

Bihar Chief Minister Sparks Controversy: US Singer Mary Millben Calls for Change and Apology

US singer Mary Millben, hailing from Oklahoma, strongly criticized Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for his controversial remarks suggesting that women's education reduces fertility rates. Kumar, speaking in the Bihar state assembly, claimed educated women could control pregnancies, leading to a decline in fertility rates. Millben, in a tweet, called for a "courageous" woman in Bihar

Article Source- Publisher: RT News

Delhi's Innovative Effort to Induce Rain for Air Quality Improvement

New Delhi, the world's most polluted capital, is taking unprecedented steps to combat its severe air quality issues. Faced with a week of choking smog, the city has closed schools, halted construction, and imposed vehicle restrictions. Now, it plans to experiment with cloud seeding to induce rain, a tactic previously used by countries like China, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Article Source- Publisher: TVP World

Indian Journalist Targeted by Government-Backed Hackers Using NSO Spyware

Government-backed hackers reportedly attempted to install spyware developed by the NSO Group on the iPhone of an Indian journalist associated with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) in August. The intrusion attempt came to light through an analysis of the journalist's phone, which showed signs of the infiltration.

Article Source- Publisher: Reuters

Silenced Solidarity: Kashmir's Uncharacteristic Quiet Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

Indian-controlled Kashmir, a region with a historically vocal pro-Palestinian stance, has notably remained quiet amid the Israel-Hamas conflict. Indian authorities have imposed restrictions on any form of solidarity protest and instructed Muslim preachers not to mention the conflict in their sermons. These measures are part of India's broader efforts to suppress

Article Source- Publisher: ABC News

Tesla Nears First EV Manufacturing Facility in India Amid Import Duty Negotiations

Tesla, led by Elon Musk, is on the verge of establishing its first electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing facility in India by early 2024, with New Delhi aiming to expedite all necessary approvals by January 2024. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's office recently convened discussions regarding Tesla's production in India, emphasizing the need to fast-track approvals

Article Source- Publisher: RT News

Indian Stock Markets Show Mixed Performance on Energy and Financials

Indian stock markets experienced a mixed trading session on Wednesday. Energy stocks led the gains as crude oil prices fell, while a decline in high-weightage financial stocks limited the overall rise. The NSE Nifty 50 index showed a 0.23% increase, reaching 19,451.10, with the S&P BSE Sensex rising by 0.14% to 65,027.13. Market analysts at Centrum Institutional Research pointed

Article Source- Publisher: Reuters

Tata Power's Q2 Results: Expectations and Market Analysis

Tata Power Company Ltd, a subsidiary of the Tata Group, is set to release its second-quarter financial results, prompting investor interest in the company's performance. The stock settled at ₹250 apiece on the NSE with a modest 0.18% gain on Tuesday. Analysts anticipate positive results, with Kotak Institutional Equities expecting Tata Power's adjusted profit after tax to increase by a substantial 35.80% year-on-year,

Article Source- Publisher: CNBC TV 18

Market Veterans' Insights for Samvat 2080: A Balancing Act for Investors

As Samvat 2079 in the stock market brought unexpected dynamics with mid and small-cap stocks outshining their larger counterparts while private banks underperformed, the dawn of Samvat 2080 prompts investors to be mindful of their strategies. In a Diwali Masterclass by CNBC-TV18, seasoned market veterans, including Nilesh Shah of Kotak Mahindra AMC, S Naren of ICICI Prudential, and Mihir Vora of Trust Mutual Fund, offered valuable insights

Article Source- Publisher: CNBC TV18

Delhi Implements Odd-Even Rule to Tackle Post-Diwali Air Pollution Crisis

Delhi is taking measures to curb the escalating air pollution that typically follows the celebration of Diwali, India's biggest national festival, on November 12. The city's environment minister, Gopal Rai, anticipates a further surge in pollution due to the widespread use of fireworks during the festivities, despite their ban in Delhi. Currently, Delhi's air pollution levels far exceed the government's safety limits, with a hazardous toxic haze enveloping the region

Article Source- Publisher: DW News

India Extends Maternity and Childcare Benefits to All Women in Armed Forces

Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has given the green light to a significant proposal aimed at extending maternity, childcare, and child adoption leave to all women serving in the country's armed forces, irrespective of their rank. Previously, these benefits were exclusively available to female officers, but the new rules will apply to all women in the Army, Navy, and Air Force, regardless of their position.

Article Source- Publisher: RT News

Luxury Brands Thrive During India's Diwali Festival Celebrations

Diwali, a vibrant festival celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs, symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. Its name originates from the Sanskrit word "Deepavali," signifying a "row of lights." Typically observed in late October or November, this year's Diwali festivities span from November 10 to 15, with the main day falling on November 12

Article Source- Publisher: EURO News

Virat Kohli's Century Leads India to Dominant World Cup Victory Over South Africa

On his 35th birthday, Virat Kohli delivered a stellar performance, marking it with his second century of the World Cup. In a high-stakes match against South Africa at Eden Gardens, India extended their flawless record in the group stage with a resounding victory by 243 runs. Kohli's unbeaten 101, accompanied by a solid partnership with Shreyas Iyer (77).

Article Source- Publisher: The Guardian

Strained India-Canada Relations Pose Long Road to Diplomatic Resolution"

The diplomatic relations between India and Canada have encountered a significant strain, and the path to mending these ties is anticipated to be a lengthy process. The standoff between the two nations stemmed from Ottawa's assertion that Indian agents may have been involved in the murder of a Canadian Sikh separatist leader from Punjab state

Article Source- Publisher: Reuters

Delhi's Air Quality Plummets to 'Severe' Levels as Winter Pollution Crisis Looms

Delhi, one of the world's most polluted cities, is grappling with severe air quality levels as the winter season sets in. The city's air quality deteriorated to "severe" levels for the first time this season, and scientists predict that it will worsen over the next two weeks. This dire situation has prompted Delhi's environment minister to convene an emergency meeting to assess the crisis.

Article Source- Publisher: BBC News

UAE Considers $50 Billion Investment in India to Strengthen Trade Ties

The UAE is contemplating a significant investment of $50 billion in India, further strengthening the burgeoning trade relations between these two influential Asian economies. This investment initiative, reportedly led by entities associated with Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has been under discussion, with plans to inject billions of dollars into the Indian market.

Article Source- Publisher: RT News

MRF Reports Strong Quarterly Profits Amidst Favorable Market Conditions

MRF, a leading Indian tyre manufacturer, has released its quarterly earnings report, which closely aligns with market expectations. The company has benefited from a combination of softer raw material prices and consistent demand for commercial vehicles. In the quarter ending on September 30, MRF reported a substantial fourfold increase in standalone profit from continuous operations

Article Source- Publisher: Reuters

India and Bangladesh Inaugurate Infrastructure Projects Amid Political Protests

India and Bangladesh have jointly inaugurated two new railway links and a thermal power plant unit in an effort to enhance connectivity and energy security in the region. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina launched these projects via video conferencing. India provided substantial financial support for these initiatives, including $47.8 million for a cross-border train link

Article Source- Publisher: ABC News

Farewell to MiG-21 Bison: Indian Air Force Upgrades with Sukhoi Su-30 MKI Jets

The Indian Air Force bid farewell to its longstanding squadron of Soviet-made MiG-21 Bison fighter aircraft with a final flight over a base in Rajasthan. These iconic jets had been in service since 1966 and were known for their historical significance. The MiG-21 Bison, originally developed in the USSR, was the most advanced variant of the MiG-21 family and played a pivotal role in India's air defense

Article Source- Publisher: RT TV

India's Unprecedented Aviation Boom: Billions Spent on Aircraft Orders

India is making waves in the aviation industry, with its largest airlines placing orders for nearly 1,000 jets in a spending spree worth billions of dollars. This remarkable surge in aircraft purchases is unparalleled in the aviation world and showcases India's ambitions as it climbs the ranks of the world's largest economies. The country's expanding middle class is a driving force behind this aviation build-out

Article Source- Publisher: The New York Times

AI: Collins Dictionary's 2023 Word of the Year and Linguistic Trends

In a noteworthy linguistic acknowledgment, Collins Dictionary has designated the abbreviation "AI" (Artificial Intelligence) as the Word of the Year for 2023. Lexicographersat Collins revealed that the use of this term has experienced a remarkable surge, making it the focal point of conversations throughout the year. According to Alex Beecroft, Collins' managing director

Article Source- Publisher: Japan Today

India's Manufacturing Growth Slows Amid Easing Demand and Rising Costs

In October, India's manufacturing sector experienced its second consecutive month of slowed growth, primarily due to diminishing demand and rising raw material costs, as revealed by a private survey. The Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI), compiled by S&P Global, declined to an eight-month low of 55.5, down from 57.5 in September, contrary to expectations of an increase

Article Source- Publisher: Reuters News

Indian Auto Manufacturers Report Varied October Sales Performance

In the automotive industry, Bajaj Auto has exceeded expectations in October, reporting total sales of 4.71 lakh units, surpassing Nomura's estimate of 4.17 lakh units. This represents a robust 19% year-on-year growth, despite a 7% decline in exports. Meanwhile, Mahindra Auto has achieved remarkable milestones, with its highest-ever SUV sales in October, totaling 43,708 vehicles, marking a substantial 36% growth

Article Source- Publisher: CNBC TV

NDMC's Multi-Pronged Approach to Tackle Delhi's Air Pollution Crisis

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is taking significant steps to combat worsening air pollution in the city. In response to the alarming pollution levels, the NDMC has decided to deploy eight anti-smog guns at crowded locations to mitigate the impact of pollutants in the air. Currently, one such anti-smog gun at Mahadev Road is operating efficiently. The council plans to extend this effort to other busy areas within a month.

Article Source- Publisher: The Economic Times

Resumption of U.S.-China Military Dialogue Amidst Ongoing Disputes

China and the United States are taking steps to resume military dialogue, despite ongoing disputes over issues such as Taiwan and the South China Sea. The U.S. is sending Cynthia Carras to represent the Defense Department at the Xiangshan Forum in Beijing, an international gathering focused on security cooperation and China's global role. China had frozen military exchanges after a diplomatic crisis releated to Chinese

Article Source- Publisher: Japan Today

Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan's Legal Setback: Indictment and Rejection of Plea

In a significant blow to Pakistan's former Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Islamabad High Court has rejected his petition challenging his indictment on charges of leaking state secrets and violating the country's laws. The special court had indicted Khan and his close ally, ex-foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, during a hearing held in Adiala Jail Rawalpindi. Khan had sought to have the charges declared "illegal" and "unlawful."

Article Source- Publisher: India Today

Meta's Strong Q3 Performance Amid Ad Rebound and Cost Cuts

Meta, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has demonstrated resilience with a robust financial performance in its third-quarter results. The company, which owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, reported a 23% increase in revenue to $34.15 billion, surpassing Wall Street estimates. Profits doubled from the previous year to $11.6 billion.

Article Source- Publisher: The New York Times

The Evolution of Astronaut Selection: Interpersonal Skills in Space Missions

As space missions extend in duration and crews grow in size, astronauts embarking on these cosmic journeys require more than just technical expertise. According to NASA astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli and European Space Agency astronaut Andreas Mogensen, who are currently aboard the international Space Station (ISS), interpersonal skills have become paramount for those venturing into space

Article Source- Publisher: Fox News

Sebi's Crackdown on Unregistered 'Finfluencers' Gains Momentum

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has sent a resounding message that it will vigorously pursue unregistered investment advisors, particularly those disguising themselves as financial influencers, often referred to as 'finfluencers.' In a recent stern move, Sebi took action against Mohammad Nasir, known as 'Baap of Chart,' a finfluencer based in Hyderabad

Article Source- Publisher: Business Today

हैदरपुर, शालीमार बाग में आयोजित रामलीला

हैदरपुर, शालीमार बाग में आयोजित हुई रामलीला के इस उत्सव को एक नए आयाम की ऊँचाइयों तक पहुँचाने में सहयोग देने वाले श्री सुभाष मित्तल, श्री सौरभ गुप्ता, श्री चार्चित जैन, श्री संदीप पंचाल, श्री विशु बंसल और समिति के सभी सदस्यों, विजय गोयल, वीरेंद्र सचदेवा और अजय तम्प्ता जैसे अत्युत्तम मेहमानों के साथ यह उत्सव एक नए आयाम को छूने का सशक्त माध्यम बन गया है।

Bisk Farm's Ambitious Plans to Challenge Britannia in India's Biscuit Market

SAJ Food Products, the company behind Bisk Farm biscuits, has ambitious plans for revenue growth and a national footprint in India's biscuit market. They aim to challenge Britannia, a formidable competitor. Bisk Farm focuses on premium products and innovation, differentiating itself from rivals like Parle. The company achieved over Rs. 2,000 crore

Article Source- Publisher: The Economic Times

UN World Food Program Appeals for $19 Million to Aid Earthquake Victims in Afghanistan

The United Nations' World Food Program has issued an urgent appeal for $19 million to aid the victims of a series of powerful earthquakes and aftershocks in western Afghanistan. The program is working to provide emergency food assistance to 100,000 affected individuals.

Article Source- Publisher: Fox News

Supreme Court Empowers States to Shape Queer Marriage Laws

In its recent pivotal judgment addressing the legalization of same-sex marriages, the Supreme Court made a significant decision on Tuesday. While the Court did not grant approval for same-sex marriages, it did affirm the authority of individual states to enact legislation permitting queer marriages, even in the absence of a centralized national law.

Article Source- Publisher: India Today

Renowned Dutch Art Detective Recovers Stolen Paintings

Arthur Brand, a well-known Dutch art detective often compared to the "Indiana Jones of the art world," has successfully retrieved six paintings, including a portrait of William of Orange and the earliest known depiction of a 7th-century king. His recent fame came from discovering a stolen Van Gogh concealed in an Ikea bag, which he believes influenced the recovery of these artworks.

Article Source- Publisher: The Guardian

China's Economy Grows Amid Real Estate Woes and Export Surge

China's economy surpassed expectations with growth during the summer, driven by government investments in infrastructure and new factories. While the real estate market continues to weaken, economic output increased from July to September. China's GDP grew 1.3% in the third quarter compared to the previous three months, indicating a potential annual growth rate of about 5.3%, a notable improvement.

Article Source- Publisher: The New York Times

Challenges in Implementing Collegium Recommendations for Judicial Appointments

The Centre's commitment to the Supreme Court to promptly announce the appointment of Justice Siddharth Mridul as Chief Justice of the Manipur High Court is a positive step. Furthermore, the government has displayed greater cooperation with the Collegium's recommendations by forwarding 70 names for High Court judge appointments. The delay in Justice Mridul's appointment was due to the State government's time-consuming review, which was somewhat unusual considering the Collegium's recommendation in July

Article Source- Publisher: The Hindu

UN Security Council Resolution on Gaza Stalls Amidst Disagreements

The Russian-led resolution in the UN Security Council received five votes in favor but failed to pass due to the need for at least nine votes in favor. The resolution called for a humanitarian ceasefire, hostage release, aid access, and safe evacuation of civilians. Vassily Nebenzia, Russia's UN Representative, expressed regret over the resolution's failure and blamed it on the "selfish intention of the western bloc." Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US Representative, opposed the resolution, stating it didn't condemn Hamas and accused Russia of giving cover to a terrorist group.

Article Source- Publisher: UN News

High GST Rates Deal a Blow to India's Thriving Online Gaming Industry

The Indian online gaming industry, valued at $3 billion, garnered international attention but faced a major setback due to a 28% GST on real-money gaming. Aarush Ahuja, an avid gamer, left his engineering studies to follow his passion and eventually started his own online gaming company in 2020. The industry had been thriving, with a significant boost during the pandemic, but the GST Council's decision to impose the 28% tax rate on online real-money gaming on July 11, along with tax notices totaling approximately Rs 1.5 lakh crore

Article Source- Publisher: Business Today

Japanese Government Seeks Dissolution of Unification Church Amid Controversy

The Japanese government has requested the dissolution of the Unification Church branch in Japan, citing violations of the Religious Corporations Act due to alleged coercive fundraising practices. This move follows an investigation prompted by the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in 2022, with the accused shooter claiming a connection between Abe and the church. The Unification Church, also known as the Family Federation for World Peace

Article Source- Publisher: CNN

5,000-Year-Old Sealed Wine Jars Unearthed in Tomb of Egyptian Queen Meret-Neith"

In an Egyptian queen's tomb in Abydos, archaeologists have made a remarkable discovery of sealed wine jars dating back 5,000 years. These well-preserved jars were among the "grave goods" intended for Queen Meret-Neith, who is considered one of the most powerful figures of her time and possibly the first female pharaoh in Ancient Egypt. the inscriptions in her monumental tomb complex suggest her role in central government offices, including the treasury

Article Source- Publisher: Fox News

Indian LGBTQ+ Activist's Journey for Marriage Equality and Family Choice

A 73-year-old LGBTQ+ activist from Vadodara, India, is one of 21 petitioners seeking marriage equality and the right for LGBTQ+ individuals to choose their families, even outside of marriage. While she personally dislikes the concept of marriage and prefers to call her relationship a "partnership," she believes the court's verdict could shed light on the violence faced by LGBTQ+ couples and grant them the autonomy to "choose" their families

Article Source- Publisher: BBC

NASA's Psyche Mission: Exploring the Solar System's Metal-Rich Asteroi

NASA successfully launched a spacecraft from Florida on a mission to explore Psyche, the largest metal-rich asteroid in our solar system, believed to be the remnant core of an ancient protoplanet. The Psyche probe, tucked inside a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, embarked on a planned 2.2 billion-mile journey, scheduled to reach Psyche in August 2029

Article Source- Publisher: NDTV World

Germany's Billion-Euro Investment in Nuclear Fusion for Abundant Energy

Germany is investing in nuclear fusion, earmarking €1 billion for the next five years. The goal is to create a fusion ecosystem with industry, aiming for a fusion power plant in Germany, which would provide abundant, cheap, and emission-free electricity. While Germany's engineering expertise puts it in a strong position, some fusion start-ups

Article Source- Publisher: BBC News

India Reverses Laptop Import Restrictions Amid Backlash

India has reversed its decision to impose laptop import restrictions due to public opposition. Trade Secretary Sunil Barthwal revealed this change and emphasized the government's vigilance over laptop imports. Initially, a licensing system aimed at ensuring "trusted hardware and systems" was introduced but postponed for three months

Article Source- Publisher: Business Today

Mastercard CFO Applauds UPI's Success While Acknowledging Its Challenges

Mastercard's CFO, Sachin Mehra, praised India's Unified Payments Interface (UPI) while acknowledging its challenges during a recent UBS conference. He mentioned that UPI is "impressive on multiple fronts," but participants in the ecosystem can face financial losses, making it a painful experience.

Article Source- Publisher: Business Today

NATO to Conduct Annual Nuclear Exercise Amidst Rising Global Tensions

NATO is set to conduct its annual nuclear exercise, "Steadfast Noon," as announced by the alliance's Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg. The exercise, taking place over Italy, Croatia, and the Mediterranean Sea, involves fighter jets capable of carrying nuclear warheads, but no live bombs

Article Source- Publisher:ABC News

Beyond Borders: The Enduring Camaraderie of India and Pakistan in Cricket

When India and Pakistan clash in a World Cup match on October 14 in Gujarat, the anticipation reaches feverish heights. Despite their tense political relationship and three wars since 1947, the cricketing history between these two nations is filled with stories of love, respect, and camaraderie.

Article Source- Publisher: BBC News

UN Human Rights Probe in Ethiopia Nears End Amidst Ongoing Atrocities

The UN-mandated investigation into human rights abuses in Ethiopia is set to conclude on October 13, despite ongoing atrocities. No parties involved requested an extension before the deadline. The probe was initiated in 2021 by the European Union, but concerns persist about human rights violations in Ethiopia's Tigray region

Article Source- Publisher: CNN

Game-Changer: UK and Ireland Unite to Host Euro 2028, Casement Park Revamp in Spotlight

Sinn Féin's Michelle O'Neill expressed excitement over the joint hosting of Euro 2028 by the UK and Ireland, calling it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The bid, unopposed after Turkey's withdrawal to focus on Euro 2032, will see Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland co-host a major football tournament for the first time

Article Source- Publisher:BBC

Balancing the Promise and Peril of AI Cooperation with China

President Biden's call to use emerging technologies like AI as "tools of opportunity, not as weapons of oppression" is commendable. However, his intention to work with competitors like China to harness AI's power is concerning. China has a track record of using AI for oppressive purposes, such as mass surveillance and repression.

Article Source- Publisher: Fox News

Gautam Gambhir Lauds Virat Kohli's Match-Winning Innings as a Lesson for Young Cricketers

Gautam Gambhir praised Virat Kohli's match-winning performance against Australia, highlighting its value as a learning opportunity for young cricketers in the Indian team. Kohli's brilliant 85 rescued India from an early batting collapse. Facing a target of 199 runs, India struggled early, losing three wickets for just two runs in the first two overs.

Article Source- Publisher: India Today

Indian Congress Party Supports Caste Census, Advocates for Social Justice and Rights

Rahul Gandhi, a prominent Congress leader, announced that the party's working committee unanimously supports the idea of conducting a caste census in India. He mentioned that Congress-led state governments in Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, and Rajasthan are actively considering this initiative.

Article Source- Publisher:The Times of India

UN Internet Forum in Kyoto Addresses AI and Disinformation, Feeding into G7 AI Rulemaking

A United Nations forum on internet-related policy matters commenced in Kyoto, focusing on artificial intelligence and combating disinformation. The outcomes of these discussions at the Internet Governance Forum will contribute to the Hiroshima AI Process, where G7 nations will establish AI-related rules.

Article Source- Publisher: Japan Today

Indian Archers’ Triumphant shots at the Asian Games 2023

Indian archery has witnessed a remarkable journey of success and excellence on the global stage. Over the years, Indian archers have consistently demonstrated their skills and determination, securing medals and accolades in prestigious international competitions. The Asian Games have been fertile grounds for Indian archers to showcase their skills, contributing significantly to India’s medal tally.

India strikes Gold: Javelin Heroes triumph on global stage

In recent years, Indian javelin players have captured the attention of the world with their remarkable performances on the global stage. Chopra’s achievement not only marked a significant milestone for Indian sports but also signaled the emergence of India as a force to be reckoned with in javelin throwing.

Monsoon Mysteries: India’s Weather Resilience Saga in 2023

In 2023, India faced an unusual twist in its weather story—a monsoon shortfall, a rarity since 2018. From June to September, we received a mere 82 cm of rain, a 6% dip from the expected 89 cm. Back in April, warning signs hinted at a lackluster monsoon, with El Niño on the horizon.

Kharge Exposes BJP’s ‘Jumla’: Women’s Reservation Bill Saga

Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge has launched a scathing critique of the BJP’s commitment to the women’s reservation Bill, labeling it yet another “JUMLA ” (hollow promise) in the political arena. Speaking passionately at a public gathering in election-ready Chhattisgarh, Kharge cast doubt on the BJP’s seriousness about enacting the legislation, drawing parallels with their past pre-election rhetoric.

Khalistan Quandary: Canada’s Diplomatic Dance

India and Canada’s diplomatic dispute over the killing of Canadian Khalistani activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar has escalated, drawing attention at the UN General Assembly. At the heart of the dispute are allegations by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that Indian “government agents” were behind Nijjar’s killing. India has denied these allegations, calling them “baseless” and “unsubstantiated.”

Dr. M.S. Swaminathan: A Visionary Pioneer of Indian Agriculture

M.S. Swaminathan, an iconic figure in Indian agriculture, is celebrated by the scientific community not merely as a pioneer in the field but as a visionary leader who walked ahead of his time. His contributions spanned various dimensions of agriculture, making him an enduring source of inspiration. Swaminathan’s legacy includes pioneering the development of high-yielding Basmati rice varieties

Indian Hockey Team Secures Impressive Victory at Asian Games 2023

A moment to be remembered in the annals of Indian sports, the Indian Men’s Hockey Team emerged victorious competing against the defending champions, Japanese team . This victory signifies the Indian team’s prowess and determination on the global stage. This victory didn’t come easy; it was the result of years of rigorous training, teamwork, and unwavering dedication. The Indian hockey team showcased their skills and indomitable spirit throughout the match.

Asian Games 2023: Nepal’s record setting victory against Mongolia

In a historic moment for Nepali cricket, the nation secured a resounding victory at the 2023 Asian Games, showcasing their prowess on the international stage. Nepal became the first team to score 300 in a men’s T20 in their play against Mongolia. Nepal’s journey to victory was a testament to their dedication and hard work. Kushal Malla hit a 34-ball hundred, the fastest T20 international ton, and Dipendra Singh Airee the fastest fifty.

Charting a Silver Future Amidst Age, Gender, and Challenges

India is on the cusp of a profound demographic transformation, one that promises to redefine the contours of its society. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has unveiled its 2023 India Ageing Report, shedding light on a compelling narrative of change. With India’s elderly population expected to surge by an estimated 41%, a striking revelation emerges – by 2046, the number of elderly citizens may surpass that of children under 15.

Diving Deep into Karnataka vs Tamilnadu ‘s Water Battle, What Lies Ahead?

Supreme Court’s Directive: On September 21, the Supreme Court ordered Karnataka to release 5,000 cubic feet per second (cusecs) of water from the Cauvery river to Tamil Nadu for 15 days, aligning with the decisions of the Cauvery Water Regulation Committee (CWRC) and the Cauvery Water Management Authority (CWMA). Public Uproar: Karnataka residents reacted strongly, leading to arrests and protests. A bandh is planned in Bengaluru on September 26, coinciding with the CWRC’s meeting to assess water availability and release.

Exploring India’s Youth in the Digital Era

As the dust of the COVID-19 pandemic settled, schools welcomed back students to their classrooms. Yet, in the wake of this transition, a digital revolution was unfolding among India’s urban youth. A recent survey by LocalCircles has illuminated a captivating trend – a surge in leisurely internet indulgence among Indian youngsters. These tech-savvy souls, aged 9 to 18, have discovered a new world within their screens, where music serenades, videos dance, social connections thrive, and virtual battles ensue. But this digital odyssey isn’t all sunshine; it’s cast a shadow of addiction.

Indian Hoops: NBA Basketball Academy

The world of basketball in India is about to witness a transformative moment as India aspires to elevate and aims to nurture the basketball talent in the country to unprecedented heights. India’s love affair with basketball has deepened over the years, with passionate fans following the NBA and dreaming of seeing their own players compete at the highest level. The NBA’s investment in this academy reflects its commitment to making these dreams a reality. he academy, set against a backdrop of state-of-the-art facilities and expert coaching staff

Asian Games 2023 esports: India's outcome

India had sent a two member team for the FC Online esports event at the Asian Games 2023 in Hangzhou, the People’s Republic of China. All of the esports events were held at the China Hangzhou Esports Centre. Charonjot Singh and Karman Singh Tikka were the Indian representatives in Hangzhou for FC online, previously known as FIFA Online 4. The FC Online competitions at the Asian Games 2023 were slated to occur from September 24 to 27. However, India’s participation concluded on the first day of the event.

Apple to increase production in India by five times in five years

Apple manufactures iPhones in India and wants to start making Airpods from next year. iPhone maker Apple has plans to scale up production in India by over five-fold to around $40 billion (about 3.32 lakh crore) in the next 4-5 years, according to government sources. The government official says the company has crossed the $7 billion production mark in the last financial year and is increasing. When asked, the officer said that Apple has no immediate plans to make iPads or its laptops in India

Prominent Figure Endorses Sportwashing as long as it increases GDP

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia recently expressed a sentiment of not caring when an accusation of sport washing was made to him. He further states that if sportwashing was going to increase his GDP by 1 percent, the practice shall be continued. The involvement of the government and other state sectors in various sporting events only furnishes the accusations that these sport events are used to clean the nation’s global reputations. The prince has consistently denied any involvement in this matter

The Enigmatic Murder and Allegations Shaking International Relations

The central issue under scrutiny revolves around the tragic murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a prominent pro-Khalistan advocate based in British Columbia, Canada. Nijjar held the leadership of the Khalistan Tiger Force, a separatist organization championing the cause of an independent Sikh state known as Khalistan. This murder has ignited a wave of concerns and instigated a flurry of diplomatic interactions between the involved nations: Canada, Australia, and India.

Lok Sabha’s Landmark Approval of Women’s Reservation Bill

The Lok Sabha has given its resounding nod to the much-anticipated Women’s Reservation Bill, a pivotal moment spurred by the fervent demand of the Congress. However, this watershed decision arrives laced with an additional and compelling plea from Ms. Gandhi – the incorporation of reservations for the historically marginalized segments of society, namely SC, ST, and OBC women. n a spirited rejoinder, Home Minister Mr. Shah strategically counters the fervor for a discrete OBC quota.

A Dominating spectrum: Esports establishes its presence

As the Asian Games commences, gaming also finds recognition in the olympic platform, this plays a pivotal role in creating a major step for gamers in the ma Gaming was a mere demonstration sport but this year, gold medals will be awarded in seven different games. Some of the major games include PUBG Mobil DOTA 2, League of legends, Drea Three kingdoms 2 and many more. India has made progressive growth in establishing a definitive esports sector so as to bring more recognition and awareness

Flipkart to invest $20 million in new in-house credit marketplace startup

E-commerce giant Flipkart is planning to invest $20 million in a new in-house credit marketplace startup. The project is being spearheaded by senior vice president Prakash Sikaria, who also leads Flipkart’s social commerce platform Shopsy. According to reports, the credit marketplace will be a separate entity within Flipkart and will offer a variety of financial products, including personal loans, credit cards, and buy now, pay later (BNPL).

A Blooming Indian sector: iGaming provides opportunities

iGaming, a sector which dwells in games that associates with the idea of betting and it functions comparatively using electronic means. Basically, this medium forms as a virtual mode of playing games online and with luck, you will be awarded with money if you win. India’s Gaming sector has witnessed a rapid growth in recent years, an interesting and notable factor which led to the significant rise of Gaming was the Covid-19 pandemic

Indian startup culture: A vibrant and dynamic ecosystem

India has emerged as a global hub for startups in recent years. The country’s startup ecosystem is vibrant and dynamic, with new startups emerging all the time. There are a number of reasons for the growth of the Indian startup ecosystem. First, India has a large and young population. This provides startups with a large pool of potential customers and employees. The Indian government is supportive of startups and has implemented a number of policies

Disappointment hovers: Sanju Samson is excluded from India's ODI squad

Sanju Samson, Indian cricketer who is known for his role as a wicketkeeper-batsman, is excluded from India’s ODI World Cup squad. And this information has startled and has kept the fans in utter disappointment. Samson has proven his versatility as a batsman and has shown glimpses of his brilliance in the Indian team but he has failed to get consistent games in international cricket.

Cristiano Ronaldo's arrival in Iran; a thrilling fan chase

Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly the most popular athlete in the world; his athletic achievements have carried him to radiant heights in the football realm. His recent arrival in Tehran, Ronaldo’s fans flooded the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of the football legend, they chased the bus he was in until they reached the Espians Palace Hotel chanting “Ronaldo, Ronaldo ”.

Crafting Excellence: PM Vishwakarma Scheme Nurtures Artisans

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has sanctioned the “PM Vishwakarma” scheme with an impressive budget of ₹13,000 crore. Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the scheme during his Independence Day speech. This initiative will provide credit support to traditional craftspeople and artisans from the year 2023-24 to 2027-28.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee: The Architect of Modern Indian Politics

The three time Prime Minister of India stands as a model who brought about a successful change to the formation and management of coalition governments in the country. His active involvement and strategic vision in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) brought about a transformation not only in the model but also in the image of the party. His successful efforts and leadership qualities proved utmost importance and reverence to the party, Vajpayee’s political career is astounding, a ten time Lok Sabha member and was elected to the Rajya Sabha twice.

Navigating the Spectrum of Indian Nationalism in SRK’s ‘Pathaan’ and ‘Jawan’

Watching “Jawan” presented a new contrast to the former release, “Pathaan,” stimulating a sense of anticipation and impression. With this film, skilled was an belief of rekindling the concentrate of Indian extreme devotion to a belief or nation, a idea epitomized by Shah Rukh Khan and cared for by Indians because Independence. The desire was for a revival of the “Amar-Akbar-Anthony” soul, delineating a pluralistic, contemplative, still pleasing and mature extreme devotion to a belief or nation, analogous to SRK’s portrayal in the emblematic anthem

Union minister Dharmendra Pradhan targets Abhishek Banerjee

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Thursday lambasted TMC MP Abhishek Banerjee for targeting central agencies and said that West Bengal was being run by corrupt leaders. The comments came a day after Banerjee was questioned by the ED for nine hours for his alleged involvement in the school jobs scam. “Abhishek Banerjee is not a judge. Law will take its own course. Why is he sacred? Let law take its course and the guilty will be punished. He should not think that he is a judge or forensic laboratory in-charge.

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

The presence and Functionality of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven to be a dynamic entity that functions in our day-to-day lives; it is an innovation that procures results based on the tasks it performs. In layman's terms, AI refers to a system that executes duties through algorithms that it was built upon. These systems are designed to simulate human workings and can range from simple rule functioning's to complex machine learning. Artificial Intelligence(AI) can be found in the workings of everyday life as well; we make use of it without the faintest idea of its presence.

Apple Unveils iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple today unveiled the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, the company’s latest flagship smartphones. The new phones feature a number of significant upgrades over their predecessors, including a new design, a more powerful A16 Bionic chip, and a better camera system. One of the most notable changes is the new design. The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are the first iPhones to feature an aerospace-grade titanium body. Titanium is a stronger and more durable metal than aluminum, which is the material used for previous iPhones.

Highlights from the 2023 G20 New Delhi Summit

The 2023 G20 New Delhi summit which was the eighteenth meeting of the G20, held in Bharat Madanpam International Exhibition – Centre, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on 9th to 10th of september. As the G20 summit’s main agenda was to broaden the horizons of economic development and discuss on topics from economic and finance and numerous sectors involving sustainable development, debt relief and multinational cooperation taxation. Furthermore, the discussions would procure signs of offering loans to developing nations from multilateral institutions.

Novak Djokovic wins his 24th Grand Slam at the US Open

After winning his first Grand Slam tournament at the 2008 Australian Open, Novak Djokovic hasn't shown any signs of letting up despite numerous challenges. never felt younger than 36. The seeds for the brawl between Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev in the US Open final were planted early on. A 19-shot baseline rally on Djokovic's serve resulted in a Medvedev forehand fault.

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

Behind Closed Doors: The Disturbing Reality of Housewives Suicides in India

World Suicide Prevention Day, observed on September 10 globally since 2003, aims to address suicide issues, reduce stigma, and promote proactive measures. The 2021 theme, ‘Creating Hope Through Action,’ underscores its mission. In India, the day highlights the alarming trend of housewives’ suicides. India reported 45,026 female suicides in 2021, with over half involving housewives.

India’s favorable stance on its IT sector

The IT sector in India , ever since its initiation has projected to bring about a steady progress to the economy and Infrastructure dealing with consumer rights, health services and many more. A sector that might always evade the public’s eye, IT sectors have heavily contributed to India’s economic growth and with increase in GDP, as we all know, the country is progressing towards a better future.

Unlocking ‘One Nation, One Election’: Feasibility, Federalism, and Fiscal Realities..

The Central government established a committee, led by former President Ram Nath Kovind, on September 1, to investigate the feasibility of the ‘one nation, one election’ plan. This initiative aims to synchronize Lok Sabha and State Assembly elections across all States, reducing the frequency of polls in India.

Indian Prime Minister in 40 Years to strengthen the Strategic Partnership between the nations

India and Greece are rekindling their age-old relationship. Following a bilateral meeting with Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized that despite no Indian Prime Minister visiting Greece since 1983, the warmth of India-Greece bilateral relations remains undiminished.

Large Jatavs, 2024 elections, and SP's Dalit outreach are factors contributing to Yogi's warming up to Mayawati

In order to capitalize on the Mayawati-led BSP's absence from the race, the ruling BJP has gone all out to win over the Dalit voters in Ghosi, Uttar Pradesh, for the September 5 byelection. The Samajwadi Party (SP) activists allegedly attempted to assault Mayawati in 1995, and appeal to Dalits throughout its campaign.

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

‘The Kashmir Files’ National Award win: In cinema too, the bulldozer wins

In the broadest sense, there are two ways of working towards “national integration” in a country as diverse, unequal and with as many faultlines as India. The first is encapsulated in the Preamble to the Constitution – through liberty, equality and fraternity. The second is symbolised, of late, by the bulldozer. It rides roughshod over decency and empathy.

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

Galactic Aspirations: ISRO's Ambitious Journey Beyond Chandrayaan-3

What lies on the horizon for ISRO following the Chandrayaan-3 mission? The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has an ambitious agenda that includes diverse missions and initiatives. One notable endeavor is a mission to delve into solar study, aiming to launch Aditya L1, India’s inaugural space-based observatory for solar research, likely scheduled for a September launch.

Transforming India's Legal Landscape: Modernizing Criminal Laws for the Future

The Indian government is taking substantial steps to modernize outdated criminal laws, a relic of the British colonial era, in order to create a more user-friendly and efficient criminal justice system. The proposed changes encompass a range of critical aspects, including severe penalties for mob lynching, stringent punishment for deceitful promises of marriage leading to sexual relations

India's Name Change Debate: PM Modi Criticises the Past of the Opposition

During his seventh visit to poll-bound Rajasthan in the last six months, Prime Minister Mr. Modi criticized the coalition formed by 26 Opposition parties. He accused them of changing their name from UPA (United Progressive Alliance) to INDIA (Indian National Developmental, Inclusive Alliance) to conceal their past wrongdoings.

Government to Strengthen the Chemical and Petrochemical Sectors

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman hinted at extending the PLI scheme to chemicals and petrochemicals, aiming to enhance India’s manufacturing capabilities and reduce reliance on imported chemicals. Prioritizing sustainability is vital for successful collaborations, positioning India as a significant player in the global market while safeguarding the environment.

Muslim and Hindu couple arrested by karnataka police officers

Two Hindu "activists" were detained in the Dakshina Kannada district on suspicion of verbally and physically assaulting a police constable and his wife as they were going home late on Thursday, according to the police. Manish Poojary and Manjunath Acharya, two Thumbe locals, were among those detained, according to officials.

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

Unveiling the Revolutionary Vande Bharat Express

The Vande Bharat Express, popularly known as Train 18, made a historic debut on February 15, 2019, as a game-changer in India’s railway landscape. Engineered under the ambitious “Make in India” initiative, this homegrown semi-high-speed train stands as a proud testament to India’s technological prowess. Embarking on its inaugural journey between New Delhi and Varanasi

Football players demand change in response to widespread online racism

For three Black players on England’s national squad, missing penalties in a big international football final was awful enough. It was made worse by a barrage of racial vitriol on social media in the aftermath. Emojis of monkeys. Being told to return home. The dreaded N-word. What’s even more heartbreaking? Everyone anticipated it

Article Source- Publisher: Outlook

Apple’s ‘Vision Pro’ becomes reality

Apple introduced an augmented-reality headgear called the ‘Vision Pro’ at its annual software developer conference on Monday, the company’s first significant step into a new product category since the release of the Apple Watch nine years ago. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, defined it as “spatial computing,” with the device operated by your eyes, hands, and voice

Article Source- Publisher: The Times of India

BYJU'S Aakash to go public next year

According to a statement from Aakash Education Services Limited (AESL), revenue for the fiscal year 2023–2024 is on pace to surpass Rs 4,000 crore with an EBITDA (operating profit) of Rs 900 crore. BYJU’S said in a statement that its subsidiary, Aakash Education Services Limited (AESL), will begin its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the middle of the next year.

Article Source- Publisher: The Times of India

PV Sindhu, in-form Prannoy eye good show in Singapore

Since Sindhu’s ankle injury in August of last year, things have not been the same for her. Her finest performance this season has been placing in the final and semi-final’s of the Malaysia Masters and Madrid Spain Masters, respectively. In-form HS Prannoy will be overflowing with confidence as the duo spearheads the Indian effort at the Singapore Open Super 750 tournament starting here on Tuesday

Article Source- Publisher: The India Express

The govt requests airlines to develop a mechanism

In response to an increase in the cost of plane tickets, notably on some routes that Go First previously served, the government ordered airlines on Monday to develop a plan to guarantee fair costs. Jyotiraditya Scindia, the minister of civil aviation, expressed his worries on the sharp increase in airfare on some routes during an hour-long meeting of the airlines advisory committee

Article Source- Publisher: The India Express

Foreign players back with a bang, but disclosure norms may put spanner in their works

India has remained one of the attractive destinations for foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) with total inflows at Rs 61,958 crore till current fiscal. Analysts believe that the market regulator Sebi’s proposal to require FPIs to reveal the eventual beneficiaries of high-risk FPI funds following the Adani-Hindenburg incident will have an influence on the inflows. The domestic equity market saw FPI investments of Rs 11,631 crore in April, Rs 43,838 crore in May, and Rs 6,489 crore in the first two days of June

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

Age-fudging: BAI offers one-time amnesty to revert to original date of birth

According to a circular accessed by this paper, registered players can amend their correct date of birth under the Voluntary Age Rectification Scheme (VARS) within a specific window of 20 days between June 6, 2023 and June 25, 2023. “These measures are listed in the BAI’s new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Age Verification and Penal Code which has been approved in the Executive Committee Meeting and the Annual General Meeting of BAI held on May 21 at Guwahati,” the circular stated

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

Possible signalling error may have caused Odisha train tragedy

Two passenger trains, the Bengaluru-Howrah Superfast Express and the Shalimar-Chennai Central Coromandel Express, derailed near Balasore, Odisha, late on Friday night, injuring over 900 additional persons. In the process, a freight train was also struck. According to sources speaking to The Indian Express on Saturday, more than 12 hours after the train derailments in Odisha that claimed at least 261 lives, Railways is considering a signalling fault as the most likely cause. Two Coaches of Superfast train from Yashwantpur also derailed

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

Meta asks staff to work from office 3 days a week

According to those with knowledge of the situation, Meta Platforms will start requiring employees assigned to an office to come in three times per week in September, following the tech industry’s crackdown on remote work. One of the workers, who asked not to be named since the conversation included internal business policies, claimed that the action is a part of the organisation’s larger effort to work more effectively.

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

Rafael Nadal Undergoes Arthroscopy To Check Hip Injury

Rafael Nadal had an arthroscopic procedure on Friday to evaluate the hip ailment that has prevented him from competing since the Australian Open in January. The outcome will be known on Saturday. He said that 2024 will likely be his last year on tour. Nadal had hoped the injury he suffered in a second round loss to Mackenzie at the Australian Open would heal in six weeks.

Article Source- Publisher: NDTV Sports

SBI Life to take over Sahara’s insurance business: Regulator

A certificate of registration was given to Sahara India Life Insurance in 2004. In 2017, the insurance authority was forced to appoint an administrator to oversee the insurer’s operations from accepting any new business due to worries about financial propriety and governance. the insurance regulator Irdai has chosen SBI Life Insurance to purchase (SILIC) business. “…SBI Life shall take over the policy liabilities of around 2 lakh

Article Source- Publisher: The India Express

After Messi, Ramos to leave PSG, Mourinho charged for abusing referee,

Sergio Ramos thanked the people of Paris for making the city seem like home. After the Europa League final, Jose yelled profanities at referee Anthony Taylor in the parking lot. The agents for Jude Bellingham start looking at homes in Madrid. PSG’s final match against Clermont on Saturday, defender Sergio Ramos has made the decision to quit the team.

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

Novak Djokovic laments fans who ‘boo every single thing’

On Djokovic’s case and heckle him during his 7-6 (4), 7-6 (5), 6-2 triumph over 29th-seeded Alejandro Davidovich Fokina in the third round of play at Roland Garros. The fact that Novak Djokovic enjoys consuming negativity during a tennis match is no secret. It doesn’t really matter if he has a lead or a deficit in the standings. The guy is inspired and motivated by all kinds of slights

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

Lionel Messi to start for PSG after in-house suspension

Lionel Messi will start Paris St Germain’s Ligue 1 home game against AC Ajaccio on Saturday after returning to training following a club-imposed suspension, coach Christophe Galtier said on Friday. “I spoke with him on Tuesday to see what his mindset was and I found him very determined to play… He will start tomorrow,” Galtier told a press conference.

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

Sachin Tendulkar’s name used for endorsement of medicinal products without permission

An officer from Mumbai Police claimed on Friday that a FIR had been filed against unknown people for utilising cricket star Sachin Tendulkar’s name, image, and voice for the promotion of pharmaceutical items without authorization. On Thursday, he added, one of Tendulkar’s assistants reported the incident to the West Region Cyber Police Station.

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

Tata Motors reports profit of Rs 5,408 crore in Q4, declares dividend

Tata Motors revealed their results for the March quarter. In comparison to a deficit of Rs. 1,033 crore during the same quarter last year, the car giant declared a consolidated profit of Rs. 5,408 crore for the quarter under review. The board of directors has recommended a final dividend of Rs 2 per ordinary share (100 percent of Face Value) and Rs 2.1 per share for DVR shareholders.

Article Source- Publisher: Zee Business

I have made many mistakes as captain but never did anything for my own selfish motives

Virat Kohli spoke candidly about a variety of life events, including his early years and the emotion he felt after finally scoring his long-sought 71st international century. “I have no shame in accepting that I have made many mistakes when I was captain. But the one thing I know for sure is that I never did anything for my own selfish motives. That I can take guarantee from day 1 to the last day.

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

Asian Paints net profit jumps 45% in March quarter

The fourth quarter saw a 45 percent increase in Asian Paints' consolidated net profit to Rs 1,234.14 crore thanks to lower input prices and high demand for decorative paints. In the same quarter the year before, the paint manufacturer's net profit totalled Rs 850.4 crores. The company's consolidated revenue from operations increased by 11.33 percent

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

Income Tax dept raids Mankind Pharmas offices

In response to suspicions of tax cheating, the Income Tax (I-T) department searched Mankind Pharma's premises in New Delhi on Thursday, according to official sources. According to the department and government sources, the protest will probably last a couple of days. Mankind Pharma stated in a BSE filing that it was fully participating with the investigation.

Article Source- Publisher: Zee Business

SpiceJet says no plans to file for insolvency

SpiceJet Ltd., an Indian low-cost carrier, said on Thursday that it has no intention of declaring bankruptcy, allaying concerns that rival Go Airlines (India)'s voluntary bankruptcy admission would have a negative impact. SpiceJet released a statement, saying, "We want to put an end to any rumours that may have developed in response to the filing by another airline. We are still in talks."

Article Source- Publisher: The Time of India

‘It’s all lies’: Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother slams claims

Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo have been dating for seven years, and their connection seems to be becoming stronger. Rumours that Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez were having relationship troubles were denied by Cristiano Ronaldo's mum. Dolores Aveiro, Ronaldo's mother, branded the accusations that the Real Madrid legend's romance with Georgina had abruptly ended

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

Minor complainant records statement before magistrate

The protesting wrestlers in Jantar Mantar have chosen to wear black armbands to show their dissatisfaction, alleging a delay in the police investigation. The lone juvenile wrestler who made police charges about Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) president and BJP MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh for allegedly harassing her has given a statement under Section 164 of the Code of Criminal Procedure

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

Dhoni explain on his role with the bat for CSK in IPL 2023

204.26 strikeouts per 100 runs, or 96 runs. In the 2023 Indian Premier League, that is what MS Dhoni, the captain of the Chennai Super Kings, has accomplished with the bat. Dhoni, who entered the match as the highest scorer in the final over of the league, was able to take large risks without spending much time in the middle of the pitch. a problem that has plagued him for the previous two of league seasons

Article Source- Publisher: The Indian Express

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Oil Holds steady as Economic fears

Oil prices in the market balanced expectations for an increase in U.S. interest rates with estimates of reducing crude stockpiles and conflicting data from China. Brent crude had increased by 7 cents to $79.38 per barrel, while WTI crude in the United States had increased by 11 cents to $75.77 per barrel

Article Source- Publisher: The Times of India

Maruti report brisk Wholesale in April

Maruti Suzuki India (MSI), the largest automaker in the nation, reported that its domestic passenger vehicle wholesales increased 13% to 1,37,320 units last month from 1,21,995 units in April 2022. Leading automakers Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki India, and Hyundai reported a double-digit growth in deliveries to dealers in April

Article Source- Publisher: India Express

Serena Williams announces pregnancy

Serena Williams announced her second pregnancy on Monday, telling reporters at the glitzy Met Gala in New York that she and husband Alexis Ohanian were “three of us” on the red carpet. After delivering daughter Olympia in 2017, the 23-time major champion said last year that she was “evolving away from tennis,”

Article Source- Publisher: The Times of India

  1. The importance of Content Writing in Digital Age
  2. The Role of Influencer Marketing in Modern Marketing Strategies
  3. The Power of SEO: How to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings and Drive Traffic
  4. Punjab PSEB 8th Result 2023 HIGHLIGHTS: Sarkari Board Class 8 Result Declared
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What is SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO is optimizing a website and its content to rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs). Improving your search engine ranking can increase organic traffic to your website and ultimately drive more business.

'Peak Bengaluru': Man Loses Wallet In Cafe,

A man in Bengaluru who misplaced his wallet was shocked to get a call from the cafe even though they didn't have his phone number. Google search results for his name, "the nation's tech capital," lead the cafe employees to his phone number.

Article Source- Publisher: Times Now

'32,000 Women Converted To...', CM Pinarayi Vijayan

Further statements from Pinarayi Vijayan included, "Part of the planned move made the 'Love Jihad' allegations rejected by investigation agencies, court, and even the Union Home Ministry. There is no such thing as "love jihad," Union Home Minister

Article Source- Publisher: Times Now

Latest Posts

  1. The importance of Content Writing in Digital Age
  2. The Role of Influencer Marketing in Modern Marketing Strategies
  3. The Power of SEO: How to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings and Drive Traffic
  4. Punjab PSEB 8th Result 2023 HIGHLIGHTS: Sarkari Board Class 8 Result Declared
  5. ‘Peak Bengaluru’: Man Loses Wallet In Café

Role of Influencer Marketing in Modern Strategies

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68th Hyundai Filmfare Awards 2023

Gangubai Kathiawadi dominated the Filmfare prizes 2023 ceremony by winning 10 prizes, including Best Film, Best Director for Sanjay Leela Bhansali, and Best Actress for Alia Bhatt. Rajkummar Rao received a Best Actor prize.

Article Source- Publisher: Times Now

The importance of Content Writing in Digital Age

Content marketing has become more and more important in the digital age with the rise of the internet and social media. It is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent