India’s Name Change Controversy: PM Modi’s Critique of Opposition’s Past

During his seventh visit to poll-bound Rajasthan in the last six months, Prime Minister Mr. Modi criticized the coalition formed by 26 Opposition parties. He accused them of changing their name from UPA (United Progressive Alliance) to INDIA (Indian National Developmental, Inclusive Alliance) to conceal their past wrongdoings.

He compared this name change to that of fraud companies but emphasized that the people couldn’t be deceived by using the country’s name for political gain.

Reiterating his remarks from the BJP’s Parliamentary Party meeting in New Delhi earlier that week, the Prime Minister highlighted how various organizations, including East India Company, Students’ Islamic Movement of India, and Popular Front of India, had “India” in their names but aimed to harm the nation. He stated that the Congress party had stooped to a similar level.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister questioned the sincerity of the Opposition parties, pointing to their behavior during the surgical strike across the Line of Control and the skirmishes in Galwan. This raised doubts about their commitment to the nation’s security and well-being.