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Kharge Exposes BJP’s ‘Jumla’: Women’s Reservation Bill Saga

Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge has launched a scathing critique of the BJP’s commitment to the women’s reservation Bill, labeling it yet another “JUMLA ” (hollow promise) in the political arena.

Speaking passionately at a public gathering in election-ready Chhattisgarh, Kharge cast doubt on the BJP’s seriousness about enacting the legislation, drawing parallels with their past pre-election rhetoric.

Kharge emphatically pointed out that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration has not made concrete moves toward implementing women’s reservations, neither today nor in the foreseeable future of 2024 or 2029. Instead, they project action on this front only in 2034, a date distant enough to raise skepticism. In his critique, Kharge accused the BJP of manipulating political discourse with empty promises, much like their earlier assurance of generating 2 crore jobs.

The Congress leader used the platform to assert his party’s pressing demands, including reservations for OBC women and the necessity of conducting a comprehensive caste census across India. He reinforced his argument with historical references, showcasing the Congress’s long-standing commitment to women’s political representation, exemplified by trailblazers like Mini Mata Agam Dass Guru, among the nation’s early female Members of Parliament.

Kharge also touched on a deeper ideological divide, asserting that while the Congress stands as a guardian of democracy and the Constitution, the BJP appears to harbor intentions of overhauling the Constitution altogether. In his impassioned address, Kharge called upon marginalized sections of society– the economically disadvantaged, Dalits, tribals, and those from backward communities – to recognize the high stakes in these elections. He cautioned that the very essence of India’s democratic framework and constitutional values could be in peril if the wrong path is chosen.

This impassioned political discourse highlights the broader ideological contest between the Congress and the BJP, with Kharge casting a critical eye on the BJP’s promises and their potential implications for India’s political landscape.