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A Dominating spectrum: Esports establishes its presence

As the Asian Games commences, gaming also finds recognition in the olympic platform, this plays a pivotal role in creating a major step for gamers in the ma Gaming was a mere demonstration sport but this year, gold medals will be awarded in seven different games. Some of the major games include PUBG Mobil DOTA 2, League of legends, Drea Three kingdoms 2 and many more. India has made progressive growth in establishing a definitive esports sector so as to bring more recognition and awareness from the masses.

Esports events at the Asian Games are expected to be carried out at the futuristic-looking China Hangzhou Esports Centre; which would make absolute sense as it begins its journey in establishing itself as a ‘real sport’. The inclusion of esports at the Asian Games is a humble beginning for the sector to set itself in the big a massive response from the gamers all around the world. With seamless efforts and dedication from the gamers and the staff, esports is closer than ever to becoming a real sport.

In an attempt to attract the young audience, the International Olympic Committee’s choice to include gaming in the Games would be a turning point and an aftermath that would bring the young audience to the stage would only be proper. As we expect for an engaging audience, games have always been a main source of attraction and fun for everyone and this inclusion of esports at the Games would bring about a result that will only favor the Olympic platform, gamers and esports as a whole.