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India’s favorable stance on its IT sector

The IT sector in India , ever since its initiation has projected to bring about a steady progress to the economy and Infrastructure dealing with consumer rights, health services and many more. A sector that might always evade the public’s eye, IT sectors have heavily contributed to India’s economic growth and with increase in GDP, as we all know, the country is progressing towards a better future.

The IT sector observed Major successes with its “Global delivery model” where companies focused their business at the international level hence seeing greater change and progress, expansion of delivery centers across the globe.

The progressive outlook that most IT sectors in India have made it essential for a steady increase in delivering services globally. Software development of products , a branch of the IT sector dealing with software, is projected to become worth $100 billion by the financial year of 2025.

However, there are a few hurdles along the way, a slowdown in the industry has been seen and this has adversely impacted the growth not just in India but globally as well. As technology advances, people can also lose their jobs in the IT sector because artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more active in functioning effectively than human functionality.

In conclusion, the IT sector has brought about a progressive increase in India’s GDP and this has to be the most significant contribution witnessed. Major tech companies like Wipro, Infosys, TATA, Reliance, etc., hire young professionals in large numbers and the IT sector plays a major role in the export market also.